Patient Care


Our practice commitment to our patients:


  • It is our job to help you keep as healthy as possible throughout life. We are not just talking in terms of your teeth and any fillings that you may already have. We now believe that the health of the mouth (especially gum health) may have significant influence on your long term general health now and in the future
  • We are committed to excellent decontamination procedures and cross infection control. We adhere to strict national dental guidelines as recommended by BDA
  • It is our belief that prevention is better than cure. We promote to our patients all aspects of dental health, care and give advice to all members of the family. Approximately 90% of the work that dentists do is totally and utterly preventable so we can together prevent so much disease, then that is better for your health of your mouth and general health.
  • We encourage regular dental examinations and prevention appointments to help our patients prevent dental disease and spot any potential problems early on and whilst they are small
  • We are committed to providing you with an ethical, high quality, evidence based, minimal intervention dentistry in a relaxed and welcoming environment with modern equipment, up to date materials and latest techniques
  • Our caring and continually supportive team, strives to make your visit to the practice as a pleasant and comfortable experience as possible
  • We treat all aspects of your care, dental treatment, social and medical history in strictest confidence
  • All staff are committed to continuing professional development and improving our services, facilities and our care for you
  • We welcome feedback, comments and suggestions to help us grow and improve.

We expect in return from our patients:


  • That you take responsibility for your own health care appointments and that you attend all your appointments on time
  • Please let us know if you are likely to be delayed in arriving or unable to attend your appointment
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please give as much notice as possible so that we can re-allocate the surgery time
  • Please treat all practice staff with respect and courtesy
  • If you require help or advice, please contact our reception during normal practice hours
  • That you are committed to looking after your teeth, gums and mouth at home in between practice visits
  • That you are willing to work with the practice team to keep yourself, your oral  and general health as good as possible by following advice and prevention messages
  • That you attend regularly for dental examinations and preventative appointments with our dental team
  • That you attend for any recommended treatment without excessive delay.